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the shroud of the tabernacle

Uncategorized August 18, 2016

But this place and this figure have a singular structure: the structure encloses its void within itself, shelters only its own interiorized desert. It opens onto nothing, encloses nothing, contains as its treasure only nothingness: a hole, an empty spacing, a death. A death or a dead man, because according to Hegel space is death […]

that salient detail

Uncategorized August 18, 2016

Chardin appears to have been struck precisely by the depth of absorption which those activities [games or frivolous amusements] tended naturally to elicit from those engaged in them. At any rate, he appears to have done all he could to make that depth of absorption manifest to the beholder, most importantly by singling out in […]

the robe of the charlatan

Uncategorized August 6, 2016

I keep coming back to this figure of the curtain. Probably because it is that one long, endless surface or sheet that always divides the beholder from the thing beheld, because it is a tissue that belongs to both the inside and outside that it backs, and because it refuses my penetration. The seduction of […]